Hi, I'm Emily 👋

I’m a Senior Product Designer, based in London, UK.

For the past three years, I’ve been working at Fueled, designing digital products and services for companies all around the world.

I design native apps and websites, and sometimes like to try my hand at other fun things like icons and illustrations. Lately I've been particularly focused on design system work, and intertwining brand and UI. Tools of choice include Figma, Sketch, After Effects, and the rest of the Adobe Suite.

I help bring a product idea to life at every step of the process. Below are just a handful of products I’ve had the pleasure of working on and contributing to.


Leading UX and UI with the redesign of The Wall Street Journal’s series of event websites.

Leading UI, UX and creative direction with the redesign of the afloat iOS app.

Helped redesign eight iOS and Android apps using an extensive design system.

👉 Some other Fun Facts™

💻 Over 6 years experience, starting in web development

Before Fueled, I worked as a Web Developer/Designer at a small Web Design agency based in Harrogate called Mixd for three years. I know how to code and build websites, which I sometimes forget myself, but this knowledge comes really handy and helped make me a better designer.

🔪 I’ve listened to ~200 episodes of Last Podcast on the Left

Unsurprisingly as a white female and self proclaimed basic bitch I love True Crime and none more than Last Podcast on the Left. In my head Marcus, Ben, Henry and I are the best of friends.

🐱 My cats are named after a Studio Ghibli film

I think we can all agree Ghibli films are just wild, magical rollercoasters, and after a trip to Japan in 2019 I fell even more in love with them — so of course named my two adopted kittens Pom and Poko.

✊ I am very passionate about equality and a proud Lefty

Support, fund, protest, protect. Our industry is rife with inequality and if you care about diversifying your company, educating yourself on systemic racism and stand with the 
#BLM movement then we’ll get along just fine.

☠️ Emo isn’t just a phase, Mom

I’m a massive emo kid, my music taste actually hasn’t changed since I was 14, on Myspace coding my first profile <img src=""> amiright. I still wear plugs and I’m an avid tattoo collector. 
I actually have a very discreet  My Chemical Romance tattoo.

👆 I’m a proper Northern Lass

I was born and raised in ‘ull, East Yorkshire. I really have some trouble pronouncing vowels, code bloat sounds more like 
"cerd blert".